DIY Potted Moss Ball Decor

Apr 20, 2015

Spring is here! Add a touch of green to your home with cute & cheap diy potted moss ball decor. They look nice on an entryway table, shelves, or coffee table. And don't worry that we're already well into spring, these will look nice through the summer. And, although I don't know what the upkeep is for real moss, using artificial greenery ensures you'll never have to worry about it dying or going bad.

For this project I got all of my supplies at Michael's. You will need:

  • 3 Artificial Moss Balls - $21 (around $7 a piece)
  • 3 Small Clay Pots - $3 (around $1 a piece)
  • 1 bottle of spray paint, I chose Krylon Chalkboard Paint so that I could have the option to decorate with chalk - $8
  • Optional latex gloves for spray painting - mine were free, since my mom had extras from the dental office where she works.  I definitely recommend these, as well as wearing old clothes. I accidentally sprayed myself with the chalkboard paint and it was extremely hard to get off my skin and impossible to get out of my clothes.

Total cost me around $32. And I will get future use out of the chalkboard paint. 
(Have any ideas?)

The best part, there are only two steps to this project:

Step one: Take your clay pots outside and put on some scrap board or cardboard, spray light coat several times (letting dry in between) to top and bottom.

Step two: After pots are completely coated and dried, take moss balls and sit in pots. Arrange on a shelf or table! Done.


Make these even more personalized by decorating with chalk! I bought chalk markers online, but they were all dried up :(  Another time!

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