DIY Fall & Thanksgiving Decorations

Nov 14, 2013

Do-It-Yourself decor is the best ... there's nothing better than seeing something in your space everyday that YOU customized for yourself.  

I know its a little backwards to be doing a Fall post after I did a Christmas related one ... But - If you want to get some last-minute fall decorating in for cheap - here you go!

This fall decoration was EXTREMELY cheap and easy to make. I put these together one afternoon with my friend Belinda. We were inspired by this tutorial, but customized them a little.

9 DIY Gifts that seem Luxury

Nov 1, 2013

The holidays are coming up and that means time to start thinking gifts! I love giving handmade gifts because: It can be WAY cheaper than buying similar items in store, it makes gift-giving more meaningful.

Also, its an excuse to craft! 

Like when receiving gifts, I don't like to give gifts that are useless or tacky. 

I rounded up nine amazing handmade gifts that say more "luxury" than cheap! I would love to receive any of these. I might even make some for myself! 

How AWESOME and stylish are the chalk-dipped wine glasses or the gold monogrammed mugs? 

12 Makeup Esstentials for Everyday

Jul 28, 2013

My favorite beauty products for an everyday look!

Daily makeup essentials:

Keen-What? Infographic on Quinoa

Jul 23, 2013

A little education on Quinoa

Quinoa ("Keen-wa")!  In one of my previous posts, this wonderful grain-like seed got all my praises and made its way into a delicious wrap (recipe here).  Here is an awesome infographic I came across online and thought I would share.

 A little education, everyone:

4 Yummy, Healthy Recipes from FitCakes Blog

Apr 13, 2013

For super unique, fresh recipes, that are ALL incredibly good for you, check out FitCakes awesome blog!

Delicious Southwest Quinoa Wraps & Chipotle Dressing

Mar 7, 2013

Quinoa - In a wrap, Southwest style

My friend Brenda and I made these southwest-style quinoa wraps in about 20 -30 minutes. It might have taken us a bit longer, but only because we were filming our "How To" YouTube video (watch it below!) at the same time, so we might have stopped a few times because we were laughing or had to redo a shot. (It was our first shot with YouTube. Not easy!) 

Photo by Brooke Ihms
We thought this made for a healthy but quick snack or meal. Most of the ingredients - if not all - should be on hand!

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