THE 7 Ways to Get Bikini Ready

Apr 19, 2013

Get Bikini Ready. Start Today, No Excuses         
Straightforward tips on health and exercise - How to get your body toned and fit for a bikini.                
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What do you know! The sun's out and my Instagram feed has already blown up with pictures of the beach, the pool, icecream.. (OK, I get it. It's summer!) .. girls tanning (just thighs? you know the ones #hotdoglegs). It's likely to come across something like #bikinimodel (sure, okay) which pulls up a million reasons to want to run on a treadmill and eat celery for the rest of your life NOW.

4 Yummy, Healthy Recipes from FitCakes Blog

Apr 13, 2013

For super unique, fresh recipes, that are ALL incredibly good for you, check out FitCakes awesome blog!

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