DIY Fall & Thanksgiving Decorations

Nov 14, 2013

Do-It-Yourself decor is the best ... there's nothing better than seeing something in your space everyday that YOU customized for yourself.  

I know its a little backwards to be doing a Fall post after I did a Christmas related one ... But - If you want to get some last-minute fall decorating in for cheap - here you go!

This fall decoration was EXTREMELY cheap and easy to make. I put these together one afternoon with my friend Belinda. We were inspired by this tutorial, but customized them a little.

F-A-L-L Bottles

What you'll need:

Empty root beer bottles (4 - 6 depending on what word you want to spell)

Vinyl letters (from Hobby Lobby, about $4 - and you'll have some left over!)

7/8" ribbon in orange - or any color (from Hobby Lobby, $4)

An assortment of buttons (for this one in varying sizes & fall colors  - my friend had these already)

Bundle of wheat (from Michael's for Hobby Lobby)

Glue gun & glue gun glue sticks (already owned)

What to do:

Scrub labels off of root beer bottles --- This part is probably the hardest and most time consuming. We filled up a kitchen sink with hot water, and let the bottles soak for about half an hour. 

The majority label will slide off pretty easily after that, but then you'll have to use soap and & scrubbing brush (and maybe your nails) to get off any of the rest. Note: make sure the bottles are completely dry inside and out before continuing.

Lay the bottles down on the counter in a row and apply the vinyl letters to spell "Fall" or "Thanks" or something to that effect. 

Even though I eyeballed the placement, placing a rubber band horizontally around two bottles can help you to align the top of each letter. 

Then, before cutting your ribbon, wrap around the neck of bottle and leave yourself about 5 inches before cutting. 

Tie in to a bow and repeat on remaining bottles.

Play around with arrangement of buttons on the ribbons before glue gunning on to center of bows. Where I glued on a second button, I actually glued it on to the first button for a layered look

Take small, equal amounts of wheat (enough to fill neck of bottle) and put in bottles and - you're done!

What do you think? Have you tried something like this before? Let me know! And subscribe!

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