9 DIY Gifts that seem Luxury

Nov 1, 2013

The holidays are coming up and that means time to start thinking gifts! I love giving handmade gifts because: It can be WAY cheaper than buying similar items in store, it makes gift-giving more meaningful.

Also, its an excuse to craft! 

Like when receiving gifts, I don't like to give gifts that are useless or tacky. 

I rounded up nine amazing handmade gifts that say more "luxury" than cheap! I would love to receive any of these. I might even make some for myself! 

How AWESOME and stylish are the chalk-dipped wine glasses or the gold monogrammed mugs? 

Cheap, easy DIY Gifts for Christmas or any time!

Body butter...that's whipped... and honey scented. Four simple ingredients! I also love that included in this tutorial are print out labels to put on your jars! Cute cute cute. 



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Thank you to the amazing crafty bloggers who created these tutorials, all images are linked to their original sources. 

What are some of the best DIY gifts you've given?

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